January 17, 2012

Picture catch-up

Since I'm always so late writing a post I'll just put some pictures from my phone up.  I haven't done that in a while!

Ms. Charlotte was playing in her playpen with a ton of toys and I look over and she was fast asleep.
Zoey and I made these pretty paper stars for Christmas.  They are still up even though I took down all of our other decorations, Zoey wants to hang them in her room.
So gross! Beau got a wild hair and decided to shave the dog.  He was needing a hair cut super bad and it took us 5 hours to get him all trimmed up.  I'm glad we did because we found a tick behind his ear! We got it out without any problems and I can tell Cupid feels TONS better. 
Here's what he looked like before:

And after:
Isn't he a handsome boy? 

Zoey had to try out her new fingernail polish she got for Christmas.
My smiley girl :)
I absolutely love watching them play together, especially since Charlotte is getting so mobile and really interacts with Zoey.  She usually won't play with any of her toys, just tries to climb on Zoey the whole time.
Haha this was the other morning when Charlotte would not stop bugging Zoey and she was trying to watch her toons!  Zoey ended up just sitting on Char's pajamas so she couldn't go anywhere, poor baby!
Kitty has mixed feelings about Charlotte, she likes to be around her as long as Charlotte doesn't screech at her or touch her.  She sat in the playpen with her for a long time and tortured the dog because he couldn't get to her. 
Gah! When did my girl get so grown up!?  Sometimes I look at her and it just surprised me how much she has grown!  She wanted me to take a picture of her pretty white teeth since she had just been to the dentist.  She does such an awesome job for them, I'm so proud of her!

Here's my silly girls, I just love them so much!

I don't have much to report on, just getting ready for our big move next month.  We are hopefully going to join our friend Priscilla and do a garage sale next week and sell some of our stuff we don't need.  I'm baby-sitting for a friend of mine's little boy this week, he's 3 days older than Charlotte and probably 10 pounds heavier!  He's a biiiiig boy, but sweet.  Him and Charlotte are having a good time playing together.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the New Year!


Anonymous said...

AGGGHHHHHH!!! What did you do to that poor dog? It doesn't even look like Cupid! I'm sure Charlotte loved Zoey holding her down by the PJ's. Cute pics!

mom said...