October 29, 2011


So this is Beau.  He's silly goofy, makes me laugh, and I'm pretty sure realizes I'm about the only person in the world that can put up with his shenanigans.

Going through my pictures lately, I've noticed a trend.  Almost all of the pictures with Beau in them have him working on something.  Serious faced, concentrating, the whole works.

This Beau even comes with a working head lamp!
 Uh-oh! A mini-Beau is spotted!

I appreciate his expertise more than he can imagine.  I would have no idea how to do half of the things he does, let alone do them correctly.  He's always there for us to make us laugh or to work on the latest project we have going on.
Plus, he's a darn good hula-hooper to boot! Haha
What can I say? I love him and I'm excited to see what else he has in store for us.  This week the Medical Board decided our run with the military has to come to an end.  At first I was pretty bummed, not going to lie, I've always dreamt of those awesome over-seas orders and having a nice secure family income with great benefits.  Now, I'm just excited for the next chapter.  I know Beau will always come through to take care of us and fix the next thing that happens to break down around here.  I think my mom sounds pretty excited to have us be closer too.  She better be ready for some closeness, we'll be like 5 feet away haha! 

The retirement package they offered him comes with benefits for the whole family and a 50-75% un-taxed income for 5 years.  After that he will be re-evaluated and they will determine if he is fit to return back to duty, which would be great because those 5 years count toward your retirement.  If not fit to return the medical retirement returns as it was.  Either way we will be taken care of and have amazing benefits still.

The plan as of now is to move back to Kansas (in 90 days! AH!) and stay with my parents until Beau gets going in school and we get a little more settled.  It will be so nice to actually be able to attend all of the fun family functions we hear about instead of just seeing everybody a couple of weeks a year.  Zoey will even be going to Kindergarten with her cousin! 

I will keep everyone updated on our new adventures.  My mom joked around I'll be like the Kansas Pioneer Woman, except with a lot less money haha!  Like Beau said, it has been a great 6 years. :)

October 25, 2011

The Biebster!

Holy moly, it's been a roller-coaster crazy week, and it's only Tuesday!  We finally got our pumpkin up, Zoey worked hard helping Daddy by using his pliers to snip the wood chips in two haha.

Kitty Valentine always waits right by the door whenever we go in or out, she's gotta keep her eye on things.

We had a slumber party this weekend, we blew up the air mattress and watched Annie and had a great time.  Zoey was so excited she tried so hard not to fall asleep but she couldn't hang on. 

Zoey's bear got in on the action
I washed baby Charlotte's face the other day and tried to spike her hair, Zoey thought it was great!  I don't think she realized we could fix baby's hair in any way.

We are always talking about how long her dang tongue is!  It's crazy!
Beau finally got the crib put together, complete with little baby Zoey bite marks.  I didn't realize how big it would be! 
Charlotte didn't know what to think about it, she's so silly.
I got the sheets all washed up today, she was very impressed!

We will see how our first night goes tonight.  She hasn't slept much today, so she should be good!

Ok, a little back story.  Beau is always entering my name in contests for him.  The BX will give away guns and stuff and sometimes he will put my name in for computer stuff online.  The other day we were looking around the BX and they were giving away a life-size Justin Bieber poster so I thought, hey, I'll enter Beau's name in here.  So I did!  The sucky thing is, is that he couldn't have cared less.  He was like, ok, whatever.  I completely forgot about it and then he came home last night carrying Justin Bieber!!!
Oh my gosh, I about DIED laughing, he said they called him yesterday and said he won the Justin Bieber contest and if he could please stop by and pick it up.  I wish I could have gotten a picture of him sitting in the passenger seat of Beau's car haha!
The dog was freaked out for a bit and then was like yay! Company!  And tried to get Justin to pet him.  He's really not the brightest.  The cat noticed Justin was there about 2 hours after Beau got home and puffed up really huge and stalked him for a while.  She was still kind of mad this morning hissing and spitting at him.  I think she's finally getting over herself because she's able to be in the same room with him now.  Crazy animals!
Zoey was absolutely in awe and was so proud her Daddy won the contest.  It was right before bedtime and I had a hard time getting her to settle down and get to sleep.  She was still so excited today and said she wants to take him for show and tell at school. 

Well, we should know within the week what our verdict is with this whole MEB thing.  They offered medical retirement but Beau had a meeting with his Commander and they are going to fight for him to be able to stay in the military and cross-train.  They are going to meet with the MEB people this week.  I'm so nervous, my stomach has been in knots the last 2 days!  I hope we hear something really soon, keep us in your prayers!

October 20, 2011


I mentioned the other day I went to my friend Priscilla's house for a Scentsy party.  It was so much fun, there's always good food and good laughs whenever she has get-togethers.  I'm having them over for supper tomorrow night and we are going to try to have a game night again.  Haha the last one we had got a little competitive!

Here's the girls right before we left.  Zoey was so excited to get to see her friend Landon! She talked about it all week.
The turkeys just as I was pulling off of our street.  We love looking around base for them, they are getting so big!

Those ornery kids, they played pretty well together, they kept running by all the scentsy stuff but other than that they had a great time!  Priscilla's sweets table was a big hit, they were sneaking candy and cookies all night.

These were the other day, Charlotte was getting some snuggles from Daddy.   

Charlotte also won't stay still most of the time so 80% of my pictures are blurry like this.  I really only put this one on so my mom can see how long my hair is.  What do you think Mom? Longer than yours?

Well, that's about it, I'm working on getting my house cleaned up for our supper tomorrow night (don't worry Priscilla, I'm cleaning my bathrooms just for you).  One of Beau's buddies from Omaha is stationed at Altus, OK and he is driving down here this weekend.  It will be nice to have a house guest! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

October 16, 2011

Picture catch-up

I still haven't totally forgiven my iPhone for crapping out on me but I love taking pictures with it. It's so handy to just grab and capture what's going on right in the moment. Here's what has been going on lately:

The Missoni craze hits Target!

Charlotte's big ol' eyes

Zoey got to hit up the treasure box at school for getting 20 green dots!

Whenever Zoey sees a convertible around town she always yells and points and says she's going to have a pink convertible when she grows up.  We get our oil changed at the dealership where we bought it and the other day when we got ours done Beau spotted a Mustang convertible.  We decided to take it for a spin! 

 Zoey absolutely loved it!  After a while she was a little tired of the wind blowing her hair around but it was still so fun.  We all had big smiles and crazy hair when we were done.  It was such a fun spontaneous thing, Zoey is still talking about it.  I had to pry Beau's fingers off the steering wheel he kept saying, "Oh, there's plenty of room! I didn't know how car-seats would fit in here, but look! We could totally do this!" No thanks Beau, maybe in 10 years haha!
She loves her food!

 I love this picture so much, these moments happen all the time but I never have time to grab my camera and take a picture.  Zoey is such a little momma with Charlotte and Charlotte just loves her to pieces. 

I went to Priscilla's Scentsy party on Friday, it was so fun catching up and eating all of her yummy food.  She knows how to throw a party!  There was a drawing for a free warmer and I won! Isn't it cute?  Zoey keeps reminding me we have to carve our own jack-o-lantern's.  We had fun doing it last year I'm looking forward to it again!

October 13, 2011

One crazy day

The day before yesterday was THE weirdest day I have had in a long time!  It started out fairly normal and just went downhill.  I was trying to update the Facebook app on my iPhone and it froze up and wouldn't work.  I tried to restart it but when I went to turn it back on it wouldn't, just told me to plug it into iTunes.  My stomach immediately sank.  I've heard of people having to restore their phones but I've never had any problems with mine.  I figured all my contacts and everything was lost.  Thankfully I back up my phone every time I plug it in so I was able to reset it to just how it was on September 18th.  It was weird at first because all my text messages were off and the phone call log was different.  It's working great now though, whew!

I finally got my phone situation handled and I went to go get Zoey from school and when I got in my car it wouldn't start.  You've gotta be kidding me!  I realized I left the lights on and ran the battery down. I just assumed that if I ever did accidentally leave my lights on there would be a timer or something that would shut them off for me.  I guess not.  Beau jumped it for me yesterday and it was due for an oil change so we took it to Mazda and they said it was working great.  Another whew!
On to better news, we had our first parent-teacher conference with Zoey's teacher last week.  Zoey is doing awesome!  We are so proud of her, I kept getting teary eyed when Mrs. Sanders was telling us how great she is doing.  The average is yellow and she is so far in the green you can barely see any yellow at all.  She is scoring at a K8 level which means she scored like the average student in kindergarten 8th month.  So so proud of her!!!

To go into the school we had to sign in up front and get guest passes.  They entered our driver's licenses into the computer and then printed off our stickers.

We didn't realize what Beaus said until AFTER our conference and when we were in the car!  Hahaha I laughed so hard I wonder if Mrs. Sanders thinks his name is Sea?!?  It was soooo funny.

This is what the sky looked like the other morning before school.  It was beautiful!
It is Fire Prevention week and they have been doing all sorts of activities around base.  On Sunday they had a parade for housing!  We were outside getting ready to go run an errand when Priscilla texted me and reminded me they were coming through.  Zoey was so excited!
This is the best one I got of baby haha.  I was getting lots of snuggles while we were waiting.

Here they come!
Hey Priscilla, Landon, and Greg!
The little boy in the back, Rocco, is in Zoey's class.  She talks about him all the time and says she shares cookies with him at lunch.
Sparky!  Zoey is still a little nervous around him but was happy to see him sitting waaaaay over there in the truck.  The sirens were so loud and the more trucks that came by the farther Zoey got from them.  I figured Charlotte would cry or something but she just looked at them like she sees a parade every day.  Silly girls. 

Priscilla is having a Scentsy party tomorrow and I'm making my cookies and cream cookies so I need to make a run to the commissary.  I'm so excited to see everybody and catch up!