June 27, 2011

Busy Days

Whew did we have a busy day! Bright and early we headed to the dealership to take care of our little problem with the car.  It turned out to be an all morning and part of the afternoon thing unfortunately.  The manager of the body shop argued with us about every little thing and pretty much told us that no matter what we won't be happy with the way he does it.  Good business, right?  Beau worked it out with the sales manager, who was a huge help to us, and they are going to go ahead and fix it and then have Beau come look at it and see what he thinks. Hopefully it goes ok and we can check this off of our list of things to worry about!
Here's us, excuse the goofy grin and the inability to take self portraits :)

Zoey girl posing
 After the whole big thing with the car we stopped by McDonald's for lunch, Zoey's favorite spot! I still don't know if she likes the food or if she loves the fact she gets a toy. Beau headed to a movie with some friends and then dealt with the dealership some more and then came home.  I made breakfast for supper, something we haven't done in a long time, I love it!  Now we are just relaxing and watching this weird bug documentary on Netflix.  Since we don't have cable anymore we find things on Netflix to watch. This movie is called Microcosmos and it's a French documentary that used microscopic cameras and specialized microphones to look at the world of bugs. All I know is it made me itch! Haha

Kitty Valentine stretched out
Charlotte and I
Going through all of my pictures the last couple of days I noticed there are hardly any of me and the baby, or me in general.  I guess I need to give Beau the camera more often!

Zoey and Cupid
I love watching Zoey and Cupid together, he is so patient and lets her mess around with him, they are becoming quite good friends.  I'm so thankful we have such great animals in our family!

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