June 28, 2011


Today we enjoyed Beau's day off and relaxed at home, went to the BX for a bit, and hit up Sonic happy hour. My aunts Cyndee and Becky came to visit last week and we went to Sonic every day they were here, it reminded me how much we like it!

I snuck in a little photo shoot before we left for the BX. While I was taking pictures Charlotte rolled over from her tummy to her back all by herself! I can't believe she's already doing these kinds of things, it's way too early, I want her to be a baby forever! She did it a couple more times this evening, it's going to be hard getting her to do tummy-time now.

She saw sister come in the room

 The furniture guy came today also and replaced the last 2 cushions on our couch. We have had a couple replaced which made the remaining ones uneven so now we should be good to go! He's so nice and is always so sweet to Zoey when he comes to work on the couch.

They sure do love each other :)

I've been working on editing my pictures on picnik it's fun to play around and make the pictures look better.
I better get my baby, she's probably started walking or something since I started writing this haha!

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