June 27, 2011


Today the girls and I kept busy around the house, it was triple digit heat yet again, here's what we did:
Charlotte loves her swing :)

Zoey jumped on the trampoline

The girls snuggled on the couch

She wore this for supper, said it kept the hair out of her face, too bad it's 103 out!
After Beau got home we washed his car pretty fast, we only had about an hour of daylight left and the dealership wanted his car nice and clean to be able to look at it tomorrow.  We have a whole list of stuff for them to look at.
Daddy in front of his new car
Our family :)
We have a busy day planned tomorrow, Beau grabbed us some extra eggs and bread so I can make french toast in the morning... It's been awhile I hope I still remember how!

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