October 13, 2011

One crazy day

The day before yesterday was THE weirdest day I have had in a long time!  It started out fairly normal and just went downhill.  I was trying to update the Facebook app on my iPhone and it froze up and wouldn't work.  I tried to restart it but when I went to turn it back on it wouldn't, just told me to plug it into iTunes.  My stomach immediately sank.  I've heard of people having to restore their phones but I've never had any problems with mine.  I figured all my contacts and everything was lost.  Thankfully I back up my phone every time I plug it in so I was able to reset it to just how it was on September 18th.  It was weird at first because all my text messages were off and the phone call log was different.  It's working great now though, whew!

I finally got my phone situation handled and I went to go get Zoey from school and when I got in my car it wouldn't start.  You've gotta be kidding me!  I realized I left the lights on and ran the battery down. I just assumed that if I ever did accidentally leave my lights on there would be a timer or something that would shut them off for me.  I guess not.  Beau jumped it for me yesterday and it was due for an oil change so we took it to Mazda and they said it was working great.  Another whew!
On to better news, we had our first parent-teacher conference with Zoey's teacher last week.  Zoey is doing awesome!  We are so proud of her, I kept getting teary eyed when Mrs. Sanders was telling us how great she is doing.  The average is yellow and she is so far in the green you can barely see any yellow at all.  She is scoring at a K8 level which means she scored like the average student in kindergarten 8th month.  So so proud of her!!!

To go into the school we had to sign in up front and get guest passes.  They entered our driver's licenses into the computer and then printed off our stickers.

We didn't realize what Beaus said until AFTER our conference and when we were in the car!  Hahaha I laughed so hard I wonder if Mrs. Sanders thinks his name is Sea?!?  It was soooo funny.

This is what the sky looked like the other morning before school.  It was beautiful!
It is Fire Prevention week and they have been doing all sorts of activities around base.  On Sunday they had a parade for housing!  We were outside getting ready to go run an errand when Priscilla texted me and reminded me they were coming through.  Zoey was so excited!
This is the best one I got of baby haha.  I was getting lots of snuggles while we were waiting.

Here they come!
Hey Priscilla, Landon, and Greg!
The little boy in the back, Rocco, is in Zoey's class.  She talks about him all the time and says she shares cookies with him at lunch.
Sparky!  Zoey is still a little nervous around him but was happy to see him sitting waaaaay over there in the truck.  The sirens were so loud and the more trucks that came by the farther Zoey got from them.  I figured Charlotte would cry or something but she just looked at them like she sees a parade every day.  Silly girls. 

Priscilla is having a Scentsy party tomorrow and I'm making my cookies and cream cookies so I need to make a run to the commissary.  I'm so excited to see everybody and catch up!


kriss said...

yea good news the girls are so pretty and I just love SEA---love yallll mom!!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Zoey!!! Love the boots and umbrella! Don't you just love a parade? Bp