October 16, 2011

Picture catch-up

I still haven't totally forgiven my iPhone for crapping out on me but I love taking pictures with it. It's so handy to just grab and capture what's going on right in the moment. Here's what has been going on lately:

The Missoni craze hits Target!

Charlotte's big ol' eyes

Zoey got to hit up the treasure box at school for getting 20 green dots!

Whenever Zoey sees a convertible around town she always yells and points and says she's going to have a pink convertible when she grows up.  We get our oil changed at the dealership where we bought it and the other day when we got ours done Beau spotted a Mustang convertible.  We decided to take it for a spin! 

 Zoey absolutely loved it!  After a while she was a little tired of the wind blowing her hair around but it was still so fun.  We all had big smiles and crazy hair when we were done.  It was such a fun spontaneous thing, Zoey is still talking about it.  I had to pry Beau's fingers off the steering wheel he kept saying, "Oh, there's plenty of room! I didn't know how car-seats would fit in here, but look! We could totally do this!" No thanks Beau, maybe in 10 years haha!
She loves her food!

 I love this picture so much, these moments happen all the time but I never have time to grab my camera and take a picture.  Zoey is such a little momma with Charlotte and Charlotte just loves her to pieces. 

I went to Priscilla's Scentsy party on Friday, it was so fun catching up and eating all of her yummy food.  She knows how to throw a party!  There was a drawing for a free warmer and I won! Isn't it cute?  Zoey keeps reminding me we have to carve our own jack-o-lantern's.  We had fun doing it last year I'm looking forward to it again!


kriss said...

woo hoo looks like yall had fun this week love ya mom and dad,,,

Anonymous said...

Zoey will look soo cool behind the wheel of a pink "Stang"! I love the pics of the kids. bp

Anonymous said...

Zoey will look soo cool behind the wheel of a pink "Stang"! I love the pics of the kids. bp

tracy@sellabitmum said...

Those pictures are so fabulous. Love the Missoni!