October 20, 2011


I mentioned the other day I went to my friend Priscilla's house for a Scentsy party.  It was so much fun, there's always good food and good laughs whenever she has get-togethers.  I'm having them over for supper tomorrow night and we are going to try to have a game night again.  Haha the last one we had got a little competitive!

Here's the girls right before we left.  Zoey was so excited to get to see her friend Landon! She talked about it all week.
The turkeys just as I was pulling off of our street.  We love looking around base for them, they are getting so big!

Those ornery kids, they played pretty well together, they kept running by all the scentsy stuff but other than that they had a great time!  Priscilla's sweets table was a big hit, they were sneaking candy and cookies all night.

These were the other day, Charlotte was getting some snuggles from Daddy.   

Charlotte also won't stay still most of the time so 80% of my pictures are blurry like this.  I really only put this one on so my mom can see how long my hair is.  What do you think Mom? Longer than yours?

Well, that's about it, I'm working on getting my house cleaned up for our supper tomorrow night (don't worry Priscilla, I'm cleaning my bathrooms just for you).  One of Beau's buddies from Omaha is stationed at Altus, OK and he is driving down here this weekend.  It will be nice to have a house guest! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

the kids are beautiful (so are you guys) bp