November 2, 2011


We had such a fun Halloween this year! We met up with our friends we met up with last year and the year before.  There was some sad talk about how this is the last year we can all get together and do this since we are leaving and the Teague's got orders.  But enough of that, here's some pictures!

 Zoey helped me get her staff and Charlotte's ears made.  I broke down and bought Zoey's costume, it was stressing me out, but I made Charlotte's by sewing cotton balls on a onesie and sewing some felt ears on a hat.  I made Zoey's staff with a Christmas candy cane decoration that I covered with electrical tape and then put some ribbon on it.  She loved it!
Zoey and I made pumpkin rice krispie treats last weekend, they were yummy!
We stopped by Ms. Gail's house before heading to meet everybody and baby Charlotte fell asleep on the way there.  She was so mad I drew her nose on, she fought me the whole time.  By the end of the night she had rubbed most of it off haha.

 There's my Little Bo Peep and her lost sheep! 

Everybody was so excited to go trick-or-treating!
Did I tell you about the cutest sleepy sheep ever?
We were taking pictures of the kids and trying to get them to say trick or treat and Jaxson kept grunting and yelling, it was so funny!  He was the cutest little scarecrow I've ever seen.
Zoey loved her dress so much!
Ok, I promise, that's the last one haha.

 She finally woke up!  I think she had just as much fun watching the kids run around in their costumes as they did.

Beau was such a trooper to come with us, he's been super sick this week.  It started out with a cold and a nasty cough and then he had a stomach bug or something.  I think he's finally on the mend, he seemed back to his feisty self this morning.

Hope everyone had just as much fun on Halloween as we did!  I think Zoey is glad it's over so she can wear her dress all the time for dress up.  I'm going to eat lunch with her at school today, she got a gold star yesterday, she was so proud of herself! She said it was really hard to be quiet all day long haha.  She really loves school and is so excited to show me everything she does, we are so proud of her!


kriss said...

yall looked like you had fun loovvee mom

Anonymous said...

Zoey is the most beautiful Bo Peep and her sheep is so sweet. bp

Anonymous said...

Zoey is the most beautiful Bo Peep and her sheep is so sweet. bp

Anonymous said...

woops I hit the button twice.