December 11, 2011

Christmas parade

A couple weeks ago we headed downtown for the big Abilene Christmas Parade!  I had only heard little bits and pieces about what it was going to be like and I wanted to go check it out.  I knew there was a tree lighting somewhere and businesses were giving out hot chocolate and treats and there would be a parade.  We headed downtown and immediately saw all the people.  Like tons and tons of people.  WAY more people than I ever thought would be there haha!

Don't ask me where the peace sign came from, she did it all on her own!

Baby was bundled up nice and tight.  She didn't know what to think of all the crazy people, but she loved watching and soaking it all in! 

There was a band playing Christmas music, they were so good!  We stood and listened for a while.

While we were listening we ran into Mrs. Sanders, Zoey's teacher!  Zoey was over the moon to see her and Mrs. Sanders was so sweet and seemed so happy to run into her.  It really made Zoey's night. 

We saw where they were giving away stuff like popcorn but the lines were loooooooooong.  We went into the AT&T building where we got a balloon and signed a big poster they were sending to the troops overseas.  We continued to mosey around and tried going into another building where Zoey walked by a tree and POP her balloon popped!  It was so incredibly loud, it honestly sounded like a gunshot.  It echoed off the buildings and scared everyone around us.  Poor Zoey, she melted into a puddle of tears so we headed back to AT&T where they told us they were all out of balloons.  Then Beau saw one straggler that had gotten away and was on the ceiling so the guy said if he could reach it we could have it.  Beau leaped up and grabbed it and saved the day!  You could tell he was Zoey's hero for sure!

Finally the parade started and there were so many people we really couldn't see much.  Beau could see ok and he put Zoey on his shoulders so she could see but I could just see the tops of people's heads and some lights.  I still can't believe the amount of people that were there, it was crazy!  We watched for a while and then headed home to beat the traffic. 

We are busy these days, just like every holiday season!  We are going to the Fire Department party on Friday, I'm really looking forward to it.  Santa is going to be there and they are doing a white elephant gift exchange too.  Whenever I think about white elephant gifts I always think of the time my mom needed a gift for her work party so she took the kick-stand off of my bike.  The bike I still rode all the time that all of a sudden didn't have a kick-stand so I had to lean it up against the house!  Thanks a lot Mom haha!

Hope everyone is having a safe and happy holiday!

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kriss said...

did not think you needed the kick stand any more loved all the picts---love mom