December 19, 2011


Alright, who else has been super busy this season? Between the birthday parties, planning Zoey's class party for school, and just enjoying the holiday season, I have not had much time for anything!  I've been doing some organizing and cleaning things out, getting ready for our big move.  Beau is on leave and has been keeping busy going to all of his appointments for out processing.  Charlotte is almost on the move and can get around really good in her walker now so she keeps us on our toes.  Zoey is doing fantastic in school and is so excited for her party tomorrow.  Here are a few pics from what we have been busy doing:

We went to Sarah's birthday party a couple weekends ago at Mr. Gatti's, it was a blast!  Charlotte loved looking at all the lights and I don't know if Beau or Zoey had more fun playing the games haha.
They rode the bumper cars and had so much fun.  It was just Beau and Zoey and another little boy and they pretty much went after Beau the whole time, it was so funny.

Happy birthday Sarah!  She's getting to be such a big girl!

Zoey's school put on a pajama party skate night last week so we decided to check it out.  Did you know it's a lot harder to skate when you're 27 than when you're 15?  Yeah, it had been awhile, I did maybe one lap and put my skates up haha!

The skating people can actually tighten the wheels on the kids skates so they're not so slippery and that really helped Zoey be able to get the hang of it.  There were quite a few tumbles and falls but she kept saying how fun it was.  She's a trooper!
It was my birthday, happy birthday to me! I told Beau I wanted the cheesiest best pizza ever, we usually have homemade since Beau can't have dairy, so we went to Double Dave's. Yum, it was just what I wanted.  The Teague's came and we had an ice cream cake and it was a really fun birthday.  Priscilla got me this really cool wood saying about friendship and some socks and some smelly goody soap. I have it in my bathroom now, it's awesome! Thanks Priscilla!  Beau got me a new set of pans! I was so excited, I have been using the same ones for 9 years and they were about done for.  I love them, they even have silicone handles so you can put them in the oven if you want to, amazing!

We went to the Fire Department Christmas party, it was a lot of fun.  They had a bouncy castle for the kids, it was so nice since they usually just run around whenever they have parties. 
The night can't be complete without a tiny bit of pouting :)
Santa came, fake paper beard and all, and Zoey told him what she wanted. 

She got some Hello Kitty stuff from Santa, she's been playing with it all weekend! Santa did good!
Of course the young guys had to tell Santa what they wanted too haha!

I have lots of shopping to do today, I have to get Zoey's teacher gifts and I have to make cupcakes and a fruit tray for her party tomorrow.  I'm excited and nervous I hope it all goes well.  Santa is going to be there so I'm hoping for some nice pictures, maybe with Charlotte too.  Happy Holidays everyone!

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