December 19, 2011


I had to get a Baby's First Christmas ornament for Charlotte so Zoey and I searched and searched the other day.  We finally found one at K-Mart that was so cute, it almost matches Zoey's!

Here is Zoey's:
And here is Charlotte's:

It's so fun going through all these first with Charlotte and Zoey thinks it's pretty cool too.  She is such a good big sister.

I cleaned off the front of the fridge the other day and I noticed we had 2 family portraits up. Here is one Zoey did at the beginning of the school year:
I love how she had Charlotte still in my tummy even though she was 4 months old when Zoey started school haha.
Here's one she did the other day when we went out to eat:
Now she has me holding the baby, she's such a silly girl.  I was very impressed by how much better her pictures have gotten! It's only been 3 months or so since school has started so she has improved her drawing skills quite a bit.  So proud of my girls!

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kriss said...

the ornaments are super cute--and zoey can draw-- i think that is hair on beau or is it a halo--since he is such an angel---love yall mom