September 16, 2012

Charlotte Beth Gardner

Well, now it's Miss Charlotte's turn!  Charlotte has had a fantastic summer, she's such a happy baby.  She weighs 22 pounds now, but she's on the short side.  She's running, climbing, saying a ton of words, and is an all-around character.  She sleeps through the night most nights but has a few here and there where she wakes up and wants to snuggle with Mom.  We sure do love our crazy kid!
Char had a birthday in May and we threw her a rainbow party!  Mom and I had fun decorating and making all the goodies. We had mostly family and a few friends and had a great time.
Char had a power nap before the festivities
Char loved the museum and loved watching the big kids run around.
She also got to do more things at the fair this year.  She rode the boats, cars, little ferris wheel, and the merry-go-round, which she didn't like haha.
This was at Zoey's birthday party, Tanna gave her the spatula to lick :) She was a happy girl!
Enjoying a sucker!

This is where we find her often, she loves the doggy cage!
Well, that gets me mostly caught up with Charlotte, we should be back on schedule.  We are enjoying a relaxing weekend, getting caught up on laundry and things before the week starts.  Hope everyone else is too!

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kriss wahlmeier said...

love all the picts and she is a wonderful traveling buddy