September 7, 2012

Zoey Grace Gardner

Today's post is going to be all about Miss Zoey!  I've got to catch up on what we've missed over the summer so I figure I better post about the girls seperately or it will be a picture overload.  Here's what we missed:

Zoey had a birthday in April, she turned 6!  I can't believe how fast she is growing up. 
Here's a pic from last year on her birthday, she's changed so much!
We had a slumber party with the cousins on the day of her birthday and then a couple weeks after that we had a joint party with my uncle, who has the same birthday as Zoey, and my aunt who also has a birthday in April. 

Escuse the clown make-up haha, they were playing dress-up.

One of all the cousins!  They had a great time!

Here she is all ready for the big Spring Program at school!
We also took all of the kids to the Hays Sternburg Museum.  They had a great time looking and touching everything.  The big dinosaur exhibit left the week after we were there, so we made it just in time. 

Zoey by a real live dino thigh bone. 
 Zoey had a great time at the fair this year, she even rode the bullet for the first time.  I think I rode it when I was 12 or something, she was brave!  Beau about took her and didn't care for it at all haha, I think we're getting old!
Zoey waiting in the wagon for the Fair Parade to start.
 Zoey started 1st grade this year, it's hard to believe.  We're about 2 weeks in and she's doing so good.  She has really matured over the summer and is doing great in school.  She has been acing her spelling tests and can read very well.  She loves school, I hope it continues!

Well, that's it for my Zoey catch-up, I'll tackle Charlotte's next.  Hope everyone is having a nice cool week!

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