September 29, 2011

Bandanna skirt

I finally got around to making Zoey's skirt!  It was really a fun project and took me about 2 hours.  I really like to sew, it's more satisfying than crocheting or knitting, you get results so fast.  I got the idea from Pinterest, my favorite.  I'm feeling much more confident with my sewing, I'm excited to tackle Zoey and Charlotte's costumes for Halloween.  I hope they turn out too! Here's where I found out how to do this skirt.

Here's how I started it.

I got 2 bandannas from Hobby Lobby, I think they were 2 for $1.  I looked through a box of Zoey's old clothes that are too small and found a t-shirt for the waist band.  I really liked doing this because then I didn't have to sew a space for the elastic to go, I was able to thread it right into the bottom hem. 

The pattern said I needed to cut a hole in the middle along with a line from the middle to the center.  The holes spread out to become the top of the skirt and the points drop down to form the flowy part.  I needed a 5 inch circle and my "coffee-Jerry" jar as Zoey calls it, was a perfect thing to use. 

This grumpy girl was NOT happy with the sewing project, I'm not sure if she was tired or just didn't feel like watching me try to cut and sew so she was crying at me.  I kept trying to take a picture of her woo-wooing but every time I raised the camera to take it she would immediately stop and look at me.  The little stinker! She finally took a nap in the swing, which still works beautifully thanks to Beau!
Back to the skirt, I pinned the right sides together down one side and sewed it.  After I did this it made one long piece of fabric with the points hanging down.  Now I needed to sew the t-shirt material onto the top.  I took a picture but it turns out I did it completely wrong and had to rip the whole thing out.  After I finally figured out what the heck I was doing I sewed the top to the bandannas.
While I was doing this I didn't realize some of the fabric got bunched and I accidentally sewed it and had to rip that out too and start over.  Haha Zoey saw me ripping it all out at that point and seemed very doubtful I could make her a skirt. I finally finished it and had to sew the other sides together and then thread the elastic.
I've never done it before but it was really easy!  I had to sew that up too.
Here it is!! I'm so excited I actually did it, I don't even care it's crooked haha.
The back is a little more even.
She had to give it a twirl!

Whew! I'm so glad I got to it, it was a really fun project even if I had to start over a couple times! Zoey wore it to school and it didn't even come apart at the seams.  I was really worried about this for some reason, that she would be walking along and it would just fall off in pieces. Thank goodness it didn't haha!

By the way, see our pretty green grass? We finally mowed it today but Beau has been working really hard on it.  Weed and feed and watering it faithfully sure has turned it around!  I actually had one of our neighbors tell me today that our yard is making the other neighbors look bad haha.  It hasn't been green all summer, so we are definitely appreciating it now. 

I better get busy with my next project, the costumes.  I only have a month, I hope I can get it done!


Anonymous said...

Cute! I love the baby looking at you, can I steal her?

Anonymous said...

Hey Pink, keep up the good work. Charlotte is trying to tell you that grandma Shirley and Aunt Betty sewed at night when everyone was sleeping! bp