September 13, 2011

Spider cookies

This weekend the Zo-meister and I made some spider cookies.  I found them on good ol' Pinterest, I still can't get enough of that site! 
Started by breaking the pretzel sticks in half

Spreading the peanut butter

Dipped the tops in chocolate and used mini Reese's Pieces for the eyes

Pretty cute! She ended up putting a bunch more eyes on after
It was fun making them with her, I think she had fun too. She wouldn't stop licking her fingers after every dip so she had to wash her hands a million times but that's ok too.

Poor Charlotte was hanging out with Daddy while Zoey and I were making cookies and he must have been pretty boring!  She was a sleepy girl.

Zoey's school has this behavior system where every day they are rated on dots.  Green dot = good day. Yellow dot = not so good, had to have a warning about something, Red dot = not good at all.  The plus side is you can get a purple dot which is better than average and a gold star means you were spectacular that day.  Well, Zoey came home yesterday with a purple dot!  She was so proud of herself and we promised her if she got a purple dot or a gold star we would take her to get a little prize.  A couple weeks ago she got a red dot so we were hoping the prize incentive would give her a boost.  Off we went to Target to get a little something and after lots and lots of looking, this is what she picked:
Cracked me up, she is sooo happy with her "cimmanin" chapstick.  She couldn't wait to show her dad when he got home from work.  I hope she keeps up with her good behavior, it's a lot more fun than bad days!


kriss wahlmeier said...

so happy for yall'''' send some cookies up my way... love ya more...

Anonymous said...

Tell Zoey that Uncles Kenn and Dewey would like some spider cookies. Those were really cute. Charlotte looks all tuckered out. Tell Beau hi. bp