September 21, 2011

Birthday party

The other day our neighbor's little girl Zara had a birthday party.  Zoey was so excited to go and I wanted to do something cute for her so I decided to look on Pinterest and see what I could find.  I found a homemade fort kit.  How cute is that?  I figured it wouldn't be too hard to do so Zoey and I set out to get the supplies.  We found most of the stuff at The Dollar Store.

Everything you see here we found there, including the bag!  I was shocked there was such a cute canvas bag there.  I found some clamps at Home Depot, the sheet from Wal-Mart, and I cut up an old t-shirt for the strings.  I think it probably cost between $13-$15.  I'm pretty proud of myself! Here's what I did.

Cut up the shirt.  It was really a dark red, it just looks pink in the picture

Sewed the strings onto the sheet.

It's all in there, a great fit!

The Dollar Store even had these cute luggage tags so I put one on that said "Zara's Fort Kit"

It took me less than an hour to get sewed and set up and was a super fun project to do.  Zoey was really impressed so I think I'm going to make her one for Christmas.  Here's some pics from the b-day party. 

The birthday girl!

Cutie-pie Xander

Hahaha I love this pic she's such a silly girl

She enjoyed sitting in her stroller and watching the kiddos play


Right after this picture my camera's batteries ran out.  I wish it had a better feature to warn me the batteries are low!  I'm working on making a bandanna skirt for Zoey today, we will see how my next Pinterest adventure goes! 

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I just love reading your blog and seeing all the pics.