September 9, 2011

Charlotte Beth

I took my baby girl in for her check-up this week and she's doing so great.  I figured I would do a little baby Charlotte post! She weighs 13.6 pounds, 22 inches long and her head was 15 1/2 inches.  I knew her head grew because she can fit into her headbands now haha.  I can't believe she's already 4 months old! Here's where it all started... 
I love this picture, it looks like I'm in a birthing documentary or something haha
There she is! And she was MAD

I like how just my head's poking out

I think she looks like Mr. Magoo a little bit haha

Haha she was still a little mad

Nana and Papa
She was born May 2nd and weighed 8 pounds 14.5 ounces and was 19 1/2 inches long.  It was a scheduled C-Section which was so amazing because we were able to plan for my parents to come and I was able to take a week off from work to rest up.  We went back and forth on names for almost my whole pregnancy but Charlotte was the top runner.  I loved the name Piper, Beau didn't, we liked Shiloh for a while, my mom definitely didn't like that one.  We got Charlotte locked down and then went through a bunch of middle names.  I really love her name and Charlotte Beth fits her well. 

So happy my Mom and Dad were able to come, they were a great help!

Holding sister for the first time :)

All of her hair!

Going home

We had lots of visitors come see us in the hospital, it was so fun!  Charlotte was ticked off the whole first day and we had a pretty rough night, no thanks to a nurse that ticked Mama off.  Her doctor came to check her out and told me she had a heart murmur so she had to get her heart looked at.  I guess there is a valve that is supposed to shut as soon as they are born and hers didn't.  The next day they came back and it had closed up. Whew.  We were a little worried there for a while.  She got the pass to go home and we booked it outta there!
First bath

At her check-up the doctor told me I could start giving her some rice if I wanted so we tried it the other evening.  She loved the first bite, didn't know about the second, and hated the third! Haha she eats a little bit here and there, but we are working on it.  She's such a great baby, sleeps through the night 80% of the time, the other nights she wakes up to eat and goes right back to sleep so it's really not too bad.  She has the sweetest temperament but doesn't like other people to hold her sometimes.  She loves her Mama!  She loves laughing at Zoey and Zoey absolutely adores her.  I hope she still likes her when Charlotte is mobile and starts playing with her toys!

Hope everyone has a great weekend, we are hoping to check out the Abilene Fair, military gets in free this year and Beau got some free tickets to a Rangers game on Sunday so we are probably going to go check that out too! 


kriss wahlmeier said...

very nice char.. story funny on the rice cereal... have fun at the fair love yall.....

Anonymous said...

love the Charlotte story bp