August 18, 2011

Catching up

I haven't really posted for a few days on what we have been doing around here so I figured I better catch up! We made it back from Kansas and that Tuesday was Beau's 26th birthday! Happy birthday Daddy!  Coincidentally there was a pool party for Beau's squadron so we loaded up and went at the last minute.  It was HOT!  Zoey and Beau got some swimming done and Charlotte dozed all stretched out then we had some food and left.  It was so hot the seat belts were on FIRE when we got back in the car, it's awful! 

I love this one, Charlotte gives her this look often

All I could see was that floppy hat bobbing around the pool

Speaking of birthdays, what do you think about Beau's b-day cake? Haha, it turned out awful!  The cake stuck in the pan and the frosting was too runny but you know what, it tasted amazing.  Beau said it was the best cake he's ever had, but I think he was just being nice, it made me feel better though!

I redeemed myself a little by making this jell-o dessert.  It has 8 layers and was really fun to make even though it took me all day to finish it!  Zoey helped me make it and she was so proud of how it turned out.  I had to keep rotating the dish because I didn't realize how very uneven our fridge is.  It tasted good, that's all that matters! :)

We finally had some rain the other day, I'm not sure how much but it rained for a good 4 or 5 hours.  It was amazing!  The day before we had Zoey out riding her bike and the sky was getting super dark, we were hoping for it to rain and rain for days.  We still need it!  Can I brag some more that my big girl can ride her bike?  She does so great and for being so prissy and careful about stuff she has no fear on that bike, it scares me half the time!  She loves riding back and forth and she's so proud of herself.

Tonight we had Meet the Teachers at Zoey's school, it was very informative to say the least.  Turns out there are 110 kindergartners and 4 classrooms. 4!  The principle said they are hoping to open another classroom soon.  I hope they do, the class sizes are 27,28 kids to 1 teacher. Zoey will rotate teachers every 2 days for the first 2 weeks and they will put kids with the best teacher that fits them.  She should have a permanent teacher by the third week.  We met her teacher for now Mrs. Sanders but I didn't pay too much attention since she might not have her anyway.  I am so thankful that Zoey loves people and adapts to situations well so I won't have to worry about her at all.  She had a great time touring the school and we ran into our neighbor and her older daughter showed us around.  The school was packed with people but it seems really nice.

She was in awe of all the books in the library, even though the only shelves in the picture are empty... ha!

Charlotte really wasn't in the mood and promptly took a nap :)
 Lastly, the other day I was telling Beau there are never any dang pictures of me!  He told me he doesn't want any pictures of him so he'll start taking more.  He decided to have a little photo shoot as I was trying to load up the car and talk on the phone.  I won't post the one he took of my ass! Haha

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