August 25, 2011

First day of school!

Well, it's here! The first day finally arrived! Thankfully we all woke up on time and got out the door, we are working on getting our morning routine down but so far it's going really well.  Funny enough Charlotte is the only crabby one!  She is NOT impressed that I have to wake her up and get her ready but by the time we get out the door she's back to her smiley self.

Her poor backpack is as big as her!  She loves it, thank you Nana for the best backpack in the world!  She can't get over that the lunchbox clips right onto the front.

This is the jet in front of her school.  They are the Dyess Jets and from all the paperwork and coloring pages they are very much into it.
We made it! Here she is in front of the door to the school.
She got settled in at her seat and put on her name tag.  She is sitting next to a little boy that she went to Pre-K with so I'm glad she knew somebody.  She makes friends pretty easily so I'm not too worried! I really hope they get the teacher situation straightened out, I don't want her to have to flip-flop between rooms all the time.
Here's sister waiting on Zoey to get out of school. We walked to the school again just like we had that morning, only difference was, it was now 103 degrees! HOT! If the breeze wasn't so hot I think it would be better but it just takes your breath away. 
Yay! She had a great first day and had lots of stuff to tell us.  She was pretty happy to hear that she could go again the next day.  We took off walking back to the car. We walked, and walked, and walked, and Zoey got tired...
She sure wouldn't let us carry her backpack for her though!
Daddy finally helped her out on the last stretch.  He didn't say much on the walk back until we got to the car and all he said was, "Tomorrow, we're driving."  Can't argue with the man! Haha
Of course we had to got get an ice cream cone to celebrate the first day!  We're so proud of our big kindergartner!

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