August 28, 2011

Haircuts and projects

First things first.  Zoey cut her hair. At school. Both pigtails. A little on the front and back too.  What am I going to do with her?  To be honest, it doesn't look that bad when it's down, it blends in quite nicely.  Maybe she's got a future in fixing hair? The note says "Zoey decided to give herself a haircut while we were making a flip-book.  Mrs. Hodge"  Haha This is what she came home like:

Lately I have been crazy about Pinterest.  It's this awesome website that has tons of pictures of stuff people like.  You click on the picture and it shows you how to make or what to get whatever is in the picture.  I absolutely love it!  Here are my boards.  It is so much fun to look around at all these amazing things people make or bake or sew.  Anyway, I'm leading up to my project I made on Friday! I made this pillow slip-cover.  Now, remember, I haven't sewed since high school and this is the first time I've really used my sewing machine.  It took me all afternoon and I'm half-way pleased with it. Here's some pics:
My big helper talking to me while I sewed

The pillow I was making the cover for

The back

The back (ignore the goofy stitches)

The inside showing the gatherings

The finished product!
I messed up, I was supposed to sew one flap underneath and I sewed them so they match up.  That made the pillow too big and baggy, I need to find a little bit bigger pillow and it will be perfect! I'm really pleased with how the gatherings came out and it really was easy to do.  It's not too bad for being my first big sewing project. I'm planning on making Zoey and Charlotte's Halloween costumes; they are going to be Little Bo Peep and her Lost Sheep!  I'm getting excited and I also have some fun Christmas gift ideas I think I could do. 

Next thing I found was this fun coloring activity, I also made these foam bath activities. One set is flowers and outside things, and the other is words so we can work on building sentences.  They were a big hit with Zoey she loves putting them up on the shower walls.

I met another stay at home mom from my street the other day and she's been walking with me in the mornings.  It's been nice having some company!  Her husband had a volunteer thing last night and she wanted to help so I watched her kids, 2 and 4, for a couple hours.  We had lots of fun!  I figured it was the perfect opportunity to set up this coloring mat, I've had the supplies for a while.  Here's the mat:

It's a shower curtain from The Dollar Tree!  I drew in the town part and let the kids color on it with crayons.  It was really fun! They took turns coloring and driving cars on it and playing.  Zoey got up this morning and colored on it some more.  I wish I could leave it all the time but the dog has already poked a couple holes in it with his claws. Here's one where they colored on it a bit:
I had fun too, I have to be honest! Haha I can't think of any paper or anything that is that size that you can buy for a dollar.  It was money well spent!

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