August 8, 2011

Kansas continued...

We had such a good time visiting our family and friends we didn't want to leave!  We drove back Saturday, it took about 10 hours, which means it was a loooooong drive.  We made it though and the kids and dog are awesome travelers, we couldn't have asked for more.  A big thanks goes to my friend Priscilla, she checked in on kitty Valentine while we were gone, we very much appreciated it!  What a great friend!
Here's some pictures from the parade and the get-together at the Poe's after... I love how Zoey and Charlotte were making the same face for these 2 pictures.  They were hot and tired!  By the time Saturday of fair rolls around everybody starts getting tuckered out, thankfully we made it.

Posing at the Poe's

Giving me the eye at the parade, I think she thinks I'm crazy half the time
Zoey rode in Kenn's car with him and Savannah but by the time she reached us she was tired and wanted to get out and get candy.  They dumped her out and she sat with us for the rest of the parade. 

Beau drove Grandpa Von around in a golf cart in the parade but I didn't get any good pictures because they were like the second thing to go by and I didn't have my camera ready, dangit!
Here's Nana K holding baby Charlotte... Grandma and Grandpa Poe have the most uh-maze-ing grass ever... It was so nice to see green grass!  It rained a few times while we were there and was in the 70's a couple of days and everything was so pretty and green.  It was so refreshing and just lovely!
My Momma and me :)

The sister's and you can kinda see Beau's arm in the Cotton Candy Shack haha

Here's a picture of all the grandkids.  It was so fun getting them all together and watching them play, they all seemed to get along pretty well!  There's nothing better than family!

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