July 14, 2011

Can you hula?

We went on a little walk the other evening, headed to the park, and we almost got there when the wind kicked up and kept taking poor baby Charlotte's breath away.  We had to turn around and decided to hang out in the backyard for a bit since it was a little more sheltered.  Beau had to demonstrate how to hula-hoop and I think Zoey got the hang of it!  I tried too but thank goodness Beau didn't grab the camera and take pictures of me haha!

I love this one, Zoey is belly laughing at Daddy hula-hooping with his neck, it was pretty funny
I've been busy preparing for our trip to Amarillo this weekend.  We are meeting my parents and passing off Zoey to them for a whole week by herself in Kansas!  She is so excited and said she won't miss Dad and Mom too much, just the babe.  Thanks a lot Zoey!

Today I was taking a shower and I could hear Zoey singing to Charlotte to entertain her.  She is such a big help, I am so thankful she loves "the babe" so much.  At first she sang California Girls for a while and then started to make up songs.  Some of her lyrics were "We could fight the pillows, otherwise known as a pillow fiiiiiiight." and "You better be good, or you can't go to Kansaaaaaas.  You want to go to Kansaaaaaas because you will have fuuuuun." I think that one was sung to the tune of the ABC's. 
Can it be? A normal picture!!!
She asked me to switch the month on her calender in her room, we're a little behind, and I said, "Oh look, Nana's birthday is on the 27th."  She said, "I know just what to get her, she needs new bras.  Her bras are just so old."  She cracks me up!
Haha! I had been making funny faces at her and she kept giving me dirty looks
Well I'm going to finish up some laundry and I promised Zoey we would go somewhere shopping today, maybe just a quick trip to the BX.  I could stay in the house forever but she's just like Beau, always on the go go go! 

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