July 30, 2011

Kansas Trip

Whew! We have been so busy with fair, parades, sleepovers, mud fights, family time, and just about everything!  Our trip to Kansas started Monday morning after Beau picked up the last of his prescriptions he would need and grabbed his leave papers from the station.  We loaded up the car and got on the road! 

We had got to about Childress, about 2 hours away from Abilene, when Beau remembered he had forgotten to sign some papers for the Medical Board people... Ugh!  We had no choice but to go back, we are lucky they let him take leave since they don't let you usually when you are going through the Med Board process.  We grabbed some lunch and headed back to Abilene, Beau took care of his stuff while the baby and I chilled at the house then we got back on the road around 5.  Beau kept saying he just wanted to take me to lunch in Childress since all we did was eat and go right back haha. 

On the way we hit a ton of road construction and on one stretch a rock got kicked up and left a big dent and scratches on the hood, crap!  Oh well, it happens, it comes with the territory of taking a car on a road trip.  The next stretch a rock got kicked up and hit the windshield!  We did not have good luck at all! We rolled into Sharon around 3:00 in the morning, we were all so tired but I was sure glad to see my big girl!

The sunset on the way to Kansas
The next day Zoey had a quick picnic outside on the steps, my mom has baby barn swallows in a nest on her porch and Zoey and I talked about how lightening won't strike your house if a barn swallow builds a nest on it.  I think she was impressed haha!

My mom's red hot pokers in her yard
She can officially ride her bike!  Her older cousins and my aunt Cyndee finished teaching her this last week.  It's so funny though, she's not very stable and she loves to crash into fences and curbs and people, she's dangerous!  As of now she can stand up and peddle too, I don't know what I'm going to do with her, she's growing up too fast!  Here's her bruises and battle wounds, they look awful!

 Everybody has enjoyed getting to love on Charlotte and I think she enjoys it too, for the most part haha.  Sometimes she gets a little upset but as long as she can face out and see, she is ok, my mom keeps telling me she has "nose problems" meaning she is too nosey.

 Zoey is having so much fun playing with all of her cousins, they are all right around the same age and they all play so well.  We had a ton of rain the other night, my aunt got like 6 inches (sorry Abilene friends) and there were some mud holes around my aunt Becky's house.  Zoey wasn't too sure of the mud at first but she finally got into it.  I am still cleaning gunk out of her ears! Gross!

My mom hadn't been feeling well these last couple months and on Wednesday my cousin finally convinced her to call her doctor and make an appt.  She has thyroid problems and has a habit of blaming everything on it.  Turns out she had an infection and ended up staying the night in the hospital on Thursday night for some fluids.  I think she said they pumped 6 big bags of fluid in her.  Her blood pressure at one point was 73/34, way too low!  The let her out Friday morning and she's feeling much better today.  We are in charge of the cotton candy shack and tonight is the last night so hopefully she will let us do most of the work so she can take it easy.  If you know my mom that's hard work in itself!  I'm excited to enjoy the last night of fair, it's so fun seeing old friends and talking about how different everybody looks.  I'm glad we got to come back this year!

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