July 4, 2011


This weekend was Beau's weekend off so we had lots of fun! First off, we all got haircuts, except for baby of course!  I had mine trimmed about 2 1/2 inches, I'm trying to grow it out, I want to get it to my waist haha.  Zoey had hers trimmed and shaped in the back it turned out really cute!  Beau had his cut by the lady he always goes to she always does such a good job. 

While everybody took turns in the salon, our friends the Lorenz's stopped by to say hi and show off their new baby.  She is 2 weeks old and so tiny!  Charlotte looked like a giant compared to her!  After that we went to Hastings and rented the game Just Dance to try out and then called up Nicole to see if she wanted to do something.  They have an above ground pool now so she invited us over for a dip! Of course I forgot my camera but we all had fun.  Shannon and Nicole took turns snuggling with Charlotte and Zoey stayed in the pool until her lips turned blue!  It was nice to see everyone again and hang out.

Since it's so hot out and a little harder to get around with a little baby, we try to stick to indoor activities.  Lately we have been playing the Wii and Zoey is getting so good!  It's amazing how well she can do stuff and she's only 5!  We have fun playing all together, even if Beau and I get a little competitive haha. 

Well tonight is the 4th of July and we are going to watch all the fireworks at the Zoo with some friends.  Zoey is so excited and her and Charlotte are ready to show off their red white and blue outfits.  Happy 4th everyone!

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